Scientifically Validated

IntraNeuron and the Neurology Center of Southern California have administered a study that scientifically validates the IntraNeuron Memory Exam.

IntraNeuron and the Neurology Center of Southern California recruited participants from the community. Each participant underwent a comprehensive neuropsychological test and medical evaluation, as part of their standard of care at The Neurology Center of Southern California.

Subsequently participants completed the IntraNeuron Memory Exam.. Results from the comprehensive neuropsychological tests correlated with the results from the IntraNeuron Memory Exam. demonstrating their equivalence and therefore the scientific validity of the IntraNeuron Memory Exam.

Neuropsychological Testing

The foundation of the IntraNeuron Memory Exam is drawn from the highly respected and empirically supported field of neuropsychology. The IntraNeuron Memory Exam uses accurate neuropsychological tests for its early detection of cognitive decline.

The IntraNeuron Memory Exam utilizes neuropsychological assessment, speech recognition, speech synthesis, and machine learning to maximize utilization across multiple settings (e.g., medical office, hospital, in-home).

Neuropsychological tests provide an objective measure of an individual's cognitive strengths and weaknesses.  A neuropsychological test provides information about the cognitive abilities of a person, such as problem-solving skills, memory and decision-making.

Scientific Validity

Neuropsychological tests are designed to measure a psychological function known to be linked to a specific structure or pathway in the brain.  They are a core component of neuropsychological assessments.

Neuropsychological tests implemented by the IntraNeuron Memory Exam have been demonstrated to be scientifically valid through numerous studies.  They are used by neuropsychologists, including neuropsychologists at The Neurology Center of Southern California on a daily basis to evaluate patients.